Agribusiness & Irrigation

Farming  is turning Garissa into a bread basket.Already, waters from River Tana are transforming the region into a valley of opportunities where individuals and groups are engaged in mixed farming.The valley stretches from Fafi constituency and covers all of Garissa township and parts of Lagdera.

It is estimated that Garissa has 44,100 acres of land along the Tana River Basin. Currently, only 5121 acres of land (12%) along the basin is under irrigation, mainly of horticultural crops such as banana, mango, tomato, water melon, onion, pawpaw, and chilies.

Garissa county does not only export fruits and vegetables to other parts of Kenya, but also to neighboring Somalia and Ethiopia.

In addition to favorable climate and fertile soils, massive infrastructure development has been undertaken in the Tana Basin over time by local and international Non Governmental Organizations, technical cooperation arms of development partners, and the government.

Partnership with firms providing integrated agribusiness solutions through irrigation with built in social integration mechanisms are highly desirable.

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