Beef Research Institute

Beef Research Institute is a principal institution created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act 2013. The Institute is located at Garissa County. It was created to provide operational autonomy to support the Beef sector through focused and efficient research.

The location of the Institute at Garissa is informed by several factors. The Institute is located in the heart of rangelands where over 60% Kenya livestock resources are found and over 70% of Country’s beef supply for domestic and export markets are sourced. Garissa is the gateway to the interior of north-eastern region of Kenya. This geographical advantage is strengthened by the Wajir Airport and the trade links for livestock products to Mombasa, Nairobi and lower eastern Kenya. The Garissa livestock market is one of the largest in eastern Africa where up to 10,000 animals are traded per week. A modern abattoir is under construction in Garissa town.

There is great potential of beef export in foreign markets especially in the Middle East countries. However, exports of beef products to international markets have not been effective dues to poor disease control and beef production practices that lead to low quality carcasses.


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