Bour- Algy Giraffe sanctuary

giraffe-sanctuaryThe Garissa Sanctuary giraffe is hosted by Bour-Algi village, south of Garissa town and was set to host internally displace giraffe that had been affected by the Kenya/Somali border skirmishes. The project is managed by the county government of Garissa.Its name stems from the large presence of giraffes attracted by the abundant acacia trees.The project focuses on the conservation and management of this species that once occurred throughout much of the horn of Africa, but is now, largely confined to Northern Kenya. In so doing the project will:

  1. Establish community-based ecological monitoring systems for the Sanctuary,
  2. Improve and expand security operations within the sanctuary, and
  3. Will undertake a preliminary assessment and ecological research within the Sanctuary.

Further, the project will work to promote capacity building and make management recommendations for the long-term compatibility of wildlife, livestock, and pastoralists in Garissa county. Results from this project will provide sorely-needed information on the basic ecology and natural history of these giraffe, and will form the basis of conservation and monitoring of this range restricted species in its native range in north-eastern Kenya.