Education,Public Service,Labour Relations and Information

A globally competitive education, training, research and innovation for sustainable development and dynamic multi-skilled youth adding value to self and society.

Empower the youth with appropriate and adequate skills, knowledge and attitude to realize full potential for individual and national development.

Garissa county government has put weight in support of education in all categories. However, the county government directly manages two categories of education within the county, that is,
1. Youth polytechnics
2. ECDE Centres

Youth Polytechnics (YPs)
Youth Polytechnics (YPs) are institutions that offer training in vocational, entrepreneurial, ICT and life skills for employability.
The training targets primary school graduates and form four graduates and it provides education and training pathways for attaining lifelong learning through the Technical and Vocational Education and Training.The county is encouraging the youth to enroll in these institutions to acquire the necessary skills.

Services offered
1. Training in entrepreneurship life and leadership skills.
2. Training in vocational and technical skills.
3. Registration of youth polytechnics
4. Handle customers promptly, courteously and ensure professionalism
5. Disseminate accurate and reliable information on timely basis.
7. Procurement of goods and services.
8. Report on work plans, procurement plans, and performance contract.

Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE)
Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) in Kenya is recognized as a crucial program me that lays a foundation for a child’s holistic and integrated education that meets the cognitive, social, moral, spiritual, emotional, and physical and development needs.

The role of ECDE centers is to establish a good foundation for children to develop to their fullest potential for national development and to foster national unity while ensuring and safeguarding the rights and welfare of all children.

Strategic objectives for the ECDE department
1. Improve ECDE accessibility.
2. Provide high quality infrastructure that is classrooms, sanitary facilities, offices, stores, kitchens, play grounds etc.
3. Improve infrastructures. These are classrooms, sanitary facilities, offices, stores, kitchens, playgrounds etc.
4. Provide indoor and outdoor materials, which include fixed equipment, swings, slides, see-saw, rocket frames tunnels, three, climbers etc., and make movable play materials, that is tires, halls, rings, ropes, etc.
5. Provide teaching and learning materials i.e. blackboards, chalks, pens, manila papers, paints, brushes, basins, blocks, puppets.
6. Provide sustainable and effective feeding program to ECDE children
7. Recruit highly qualified and energetic ECDE teachers
8. Employ support staff like watchmen, cooks, ground men etc.

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