Health and Sanitation Services


The goal of Kenya’s Vision 2030 for the Health Sector is to “provide equitable and affordable health care at the highest affordable standards to her citizens”. Good health is a prerequisite for enhanced economic growth and poverty reduction and a precursor to realization of the Vision’s Social Goals. Further, the Constitution under the Bill of Rights, access to equitable healthcare is a right to every Kenyan.

Against this background, the Health Sector is re-positioning itself to fulfill the expectations of Kenyans through improved health infrastructure and service delivery systems.

“An efficient and high quality health care system that is accessible, equitable and affordable for every Resident of Garissa County”

“To promote and participate in the provision of integrated and high quality, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services to all Residents of Garissa County”

The mandate of Garissa county health sector it is to support the attainment of the highest attainable medical care and sanitation services that will improve lives of Garissa county population at all levels of health care delivery.

To fulfill the vision and mission, the Health Sector provides leadership through formulation of health policies and strategic direction, set standards, provide health services through public facilities and regulate all actors/services.


The following strategic objectives aim towards the realization of a modern Health Sector:
 Increase equitable access to health services;
 Improve the financing of the Health Sector.
 Improve the quality and responsiveness of services in the Sector;
 Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery;
 Conduct research aimed at providing solutions for the reduction of disease burden inKenya.
 Enhance the regulatory capacity of the Sector;
 Foster partnerships in improving health and delivering services.


The following are our priorities
• Establish training Departments of Anesthetists, Radiographers and Orthopaedic technicians.
• Develop Garissa county Level 5 into a Regional Referral Hospital and Research Centre
• Recruit sufficient Human Resource for Health
• Develop sufficient Health Infrastructure at all levels of care
• Develop a Medical Supply Chain Management System
• Develop systems to mitigate against communicable and Non-communicable Disease conditions.
• Develop an efficient and Responsive patient referral System.

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