Water,Environment,Energy &Natural resources,Wildlife management and Tourism

To facilitate and improve equitable access to clean water and sustainable management of water resources for County development.
To be a regional leader in the management and development of sustainable water resource environment in which clean and safe water is adequate, reliable and accessible by all.
Our motto shall be: Water for all
The department is mandated to offer the following services to the people.
 Environmental conservation, development, protection and management through:-
Ensuring compliance to the various policies
Exercising general supervision and coordination over all matters relating to the environment.
 Provision of Water Services
ensuring adequate water of acceptable quality.
a) Water Treatment
b) Continuous access to water
c) Monitoring
d) Maintenance of the pipe network
e) O&M of the Sewerage infrastructure
Ensuring compliance to the various policies
 Development of Water & Sewerage infrastructure.
a) Planning, Designing & Construction of Water Supply Scheme and Sewerage Systems
b) Rehabilitation of the existing water systems
c) Extension of Sewer lines
 Solid waste Management
Collection of garbage from chambers and Central Business District
Transportation of garbage to the dumpsite
Disposal and management of dumpsites
Street sweeping in estates and Central Business District.
 To intensify conservation and sustainable management of the forest resources enrichment planting.
 To maintain and enhance productivity of industrial forest plantation through establishment of plantations.

Core Values
The values that will guide the operations of the department during the Plan period will be:
 Service
 Equity and Inclusiveness
 Environmental Sensitivity
 Partnership and Team Spirit
 Integrity

Goals and Strategic Objectives
 To provide policy direction and effective supervision for the water sector by putting in place mechanisms for continuous development and review of policies
 To provide an enabling environment for sustainable management of National and trans-boundary water resources
 Enhanced Guidance for effective and sustainable resource utilization in the Sector
 To formulate more effective legislation, policy and strategies for targeted interventions
 To develop water harvesting policies, guidelines and legislations
 To develop and sustain equity and inclusiveness in all the departments operations and services
 Mainstream cross cutting issues in all the department’s operations
 Attain and maintain institutional financial adequacy and sustainability
 To mobilize adequate funding for investment on water infrastructure (water, sewerage and storage)

Major Projects
Our County is a water scarce County and all appropriate infrastructure would be put in place to ensure increased supply ofwater resources to the people of the County for domestic, industrial and irrigation use. Water and sanitation infrastructure need to be modernized to curb water wastages that impedes economic development. Some specific activities to be undertaken by the County government include the following:

Garissa Sewerage Project
We will pursue the completion of this project within a determined timeframe. The project initially commenced in July 2009.

Rural Support Projects
We will aim for the provision of clean drinkable water to all villages and settlements of our County.
This will include piping water from the Tana river for all settlements along the river. Borehole digging will also be increased for clean water and piping of such water to a central location of each village will be undertaken. Similarly, storage of clean water will be enhanced through the use of modern water storage tanks. Other activities to be undertaken in this regard include rain water harvesting through the construction/desilting of dams.

Drought Emergency Programs
Our County usually undergoes high levels of variability in climate systems including droughts at many times. Drought is a normal, recurring but temporary characteristic of arid areas. It is the consequence of a reduction in the amount of rainfall received over an extended period of time relative to the average.
Drought periods should be anticipated and should be managed. Failure to manage them well has major social and economic consequences.
The County government will put into place all necessary measures to ease the negative effects of droughts particularly on the rural populations.
Our approach will be to deal with the matter on the basis of disaster management and will ensure close working relationship with the appropriate line ministry and all concerned national institutions such as the National Drought Management Authority
and the National Drought Contingency Fund. Some of the specific interventions that will
be undertaken by the county government in this regard include the following:
a) The formation of a County Drought Steering Committee that will be responsible for all drought related issues in the County. The committee will be responsible for a rapid response team that will be based at all divisions of the County with all the necessary resources mobilized
b) Systematically strengthen customary adaptive and response strategies, such as mobility, purchase of water trucking machinery for human, livestock and wildlife, rehabilitation of boreholes, provision of fuel and spares for community boreholes, drilling of strategic boreholes, use of drought fall-back areas, food preservation, the growing of drought resistant grass such as Sudan grass and the creation of plastic water pans which may be fed through water tankering vehicles that will be stationed in different divisions of the County.

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