Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind and Biogas

Garissa intends to distinguish itself as clean energy based economy. It’s abundant supply of solar and good wind speeds offer a golden opportunity for any investor seeking to set up solar and wind plants and contribute to the budding green economy. Most areas in the County have high intensity of solar with good wind speeds..

The county has already invested in a solar powered street lights and has set aside fund and land for solar and wind plants. In the long term the county expects to sell green energy to the national grid. The county will operate investments through Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

At present, the county has a limited number of solar powered equipment but aims at promoting the use of solar in all sectors and reduce fossil fuel consumption. Innovative, affordable and appropriate solar technologies for rural households are also welcome.

Biogas Production

In building a green economy, Garissa is looking into integrating biogas technology in its service industries to subsidize energy requirements. Hospitals and medical centers will be key beneficiaries of this programme. Efforts are underway to reorient communities to adopt sedentary lifestyle to increase opportunities for waste collection.