Trade,Finance,Revenue,Economic Planning and county Affairs

To be the leaders and drivers of innovation and excellence in terms of resource mobilization and allocation to foster economic and financial management.


To formulate sound economic policies, maximize revenue mobilization, ensure efficient allocation and accountability for County resources.


The Department of Finance and Economic Planning derives its mandate from the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and other related subordinate laws including Public Management Finance Act 2012, County Government Public Finance Management Transition Act 1 2013 And County Government Act 2012 and is responsible for finance and economic planning of the County.

The department has a pivotal role in the coordination of development planning, mobilization of public resources and ensuring effective accountability for use of the resources for the benefit of Garissa County.

It coordinates County government departments/entities in the preparation of the annual County budget. It is the responsibility of the department to initiate and guide all sectors to prepare their budgets. The department also provides Accounting, Auditing, IT, Insurance, Pensions, Procurement.


The financial sector of the county is well developed. We have presence of branches of major international banks namely: Standard Chartered, Barclays and Chase Bank and indigenous banks such as National Bank, Equity Bank, KCB,Co-op Bank, Gulf African Bank, and First community Bank.


The Income Tax laws of the county have given very attractive incentives to the investors.


In Garissa County we shall ensure transparent dealings with our Private Partners and enter into firm and enforceable agreements.


We are committed to strict adherence to Internationally Accepted Standards of accounting of public funds.

We shall ensure up to date preparation of annual accounts and have them audited in timely manner.

We shall strictly observe the requirements of all Public Finance Management and The Public Procurement and Disposal Acts.


In conjunction with the Ministry of Trade, we shall introduce efficient systems of issuance of trade licenses across the County without necessarily visiting the headquarters in Garissa Town.

The county government has stepped up efforts on tax administration and mobilization of revenue to eliminate leakages, observe timelines as enshrined in the Public Finance Management Act 2012, and Increase revenue collection through enhanced supervision and automating revenue collecting.

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