The Deputy Governor

[five_sixth last=”yes” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]He-abdullahiHis Vision For the County

His main role is to make sure that the operations of the County government proceed
smoothly in the absence of the Governor. During his swearing in ceremony, he
said that one of his top priorities was to ensure that Garissa County ranks among
the best in the country in terms of enabling investment opportunities. There is a
lot that this county can offer to investors,

especially considering that it has various kinds of minerals which can benefit the county resident but whose potential has not been harnessed, he said.
At the same time, he called on local entrepreneurs to set up companies that would add value to the county, such as traditional vegetables, maize and honey. This, he said would enable the county to process its own food items and sell them directly to international buyers.

“We can earn a lot from foreign exchange. We have products like honey, vegetables, milk and others, which are readily available. What is stopping us from starting companies to process these products and export them?” he wonders. However, he said that the county government will also undertake numerous wide ranging programs to boost food security in some regions of the county where agricultural production is not so high.
“As a government, we do not want to see any of our people going to bed hungry or starving. Therefore, we will work towards food security using the enormous agricultural resources that God gave us,” he said.
At the same time, Mr. Abdullahi said the new government would soon roll out programs to economically empower the young people through the creation of adequate employment opportunities. “we are seriously thinking of using
the resources at our disposal in this county and talk to partners to set up industries that would help in increasing the
income of our people and therefore reduce poverty levels,” he said.[/fusion_text][/five_sixth]