Core Objectives

Core Objectives

  1. Economic Empowerment:
    • Foster economic growth by supporting local businesses, attracting investments, and creating job opportunities.
    • Implement initiatives that enhance agricultural practices, promote value addition, and diversify the local economy.
  2. Infrastructure Development:
    • Improve and expand transportation networks, including roads and bridges, to enhance connectivity within the county.
    • Invest in water and sanitation infrastructure to ensure access to clean water and improved sanitation services for all residents.
  3. Education Enhancement:
    • Increase access to quality education by constructing and upgrading schools, providing necessary resources, and promoting educational programs.
    • Enhance vocational training and skills development to prepare the workforce for diverse employment opportunities.
  4. Healthcare Access:
    • Strengthen healthcare systems by upgrading and constructing medical facilities, ensuring the availability of essential medical supplies, and promoting preventive healthcare measures.
    • Increase awareness and access to healthcare services, particularly in remote areas.
  5. Security and Safety:
    • Enhance security measures to ensure the safety of residents and their property.
    • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies to address and prevent crime and maintain public order.

Health Services pause a great challenge in Garissa but through partnerships we seek to focus more on preventive health: community health education, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and disease control. With the little available resources we shall staff, improve and equip our health facilities and take all measures to make them accessible

Our education sector has great potential with a well structured education system, institutions and professional staff. Our school going children are about half the population whom we intend to impart upon the right Knowledge, Skills, Values and Attitudes as they are our future and we owe it to them.

Sports has for a long time been viewed as a hobby and a part time engagement but not so any longer. Garissa County boasts of many residents who have transformed their lives through sports and many Olympians have hailed from the county. We have prioritized sports development and sports facilities are up coming to engage and develop talent especially amongst the youth to reap the attendant benefits.

The environment hosts and feeds us, we endeavor to optimally but sustainably utilize the natural resources for own consumption and business; the rich flora and fauna, wood and forests, stone and hardcore for road and building construction, wind energy, topography scenic beauty, waterfalls and ways, cultural sites gives a boost to our tourism.

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