The sector comprises of Education, Public Service, labour Relations and Information sub-sectors. The sector charged with the overall responsibility of supervising the quality provision of Early Childhood Development Education, strengthening vocational training, prudent public service management as well real time information flow across the county


A leading and dynamic sector providing quality and equitable public services ranging from education, human resource development and information management


To ensure quality, accessible and inclusive educational services, foster competitive county human resource development through training, skills, allied services as well as provision of real time information to the residents of the County.

The sector is quite cognizant of the fact to optimize the provision of services in fulfilment of the vision and mission, the county government will effectively utilize existing resources such as land, schools infrastructure, and endeavor to improve enrolment, retention and transition rates in the schools across the county. The sector will expand the existing physical facilities, establish functional model ECDE centres and improve service delivery in education, collaborate with other stakeholders and strengthen community participation to achieve parity of gender, increased teacher-pupil ratio in the county.

The sector will prioritize strategies to improve skills of community members through expansion and construction of new vocational training centres across the County and ensure that the VTIs are well staffed, complete with requisite facilities. The County government will focus on the empowerment of youth to ensure that their energy and skills are properly tapped for sustainable socio-economic development of the County.

The County government will further strengthen the County Public Service Board and the Directorate of Human Resource Development to ensure the best human capital across the county is tapped upon to raise the potential of the county in service delivery. This sector will promote the adoption of ICT in all sectors to ensure that activities are well coordinated and implemented in synergistic manner.

Pre-School Education

Garissa County has 184 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) Centres with a total enrolment of 24,091 consisting of 13,285 boys and 10,806 girls. There are 229 teachers hence a teacher pupil ratio of 1:105. The pre-school net enrolment rate is 9.6 per cent and the completion rate is 89.34 per cent while the retention rate is 11 per cent. This is due to the nomadic lifestyle of the people. In addition to formal schooling there are also Madarasa where young children are taught religious studies.

Primary Education

The county has 131 primary schools with a total enrolment rate of 41,474 consisting of 24,939 boys and 16,535 girls. The enrolment rate is low in the county. There are 672 teachers giving a teacher pupil ratio stands at 1:61. The primary school net enrolment rate is 23.5 per cent while the completion rate is 62.7 per cent. The transition rate stands at 58.3 per cent. This is due to the nomadic lifestyle of the people and early marriages among the girl child.

Secondary Education

The county has 18 secondary schools with a total enrolment of 6,580 students with 4,774 boys and 1,806 girls. This represents four per cent of the secondary school age population. The teacher student ratio stands at 1: 36. The secondary school net enrolment rate is 3.50 per cent and the completion rate is 77 per cent.

Tertiary Education

Public and private university campuses are being set up in the town. These include the Kenyatta University and Al Mustaqbal University. There is one Science and Technology Institute, North Eastern Technical Training Institute, one Kenya Medical Training College and one Teachers Training College all located in Garissa town. The county also has three youth polytechnics; one each in Bura East, Dadaab and Garissa. In addition there are six private accredited colleges and four non-accredited colleges in Garissa.

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