Finance & Economic Planning

Finance and Economic Planning

Sector composition: The sector comprises of the following sub-sectors: Finance, Economic Planning,internal audit services, budget, revenue management, supply chain management, Accounts, and special programme.

Vision: A leading sector in legislation, public policy formulation, coordination, supervision, and prudent resource management

Mission: To provide overall leadership and policy direction in resource mobilization, management, and accountability for quality public service delivery 3rd Generation of Garissa County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2023 – 2027

Sector Goals and Aspirations

The county recognizes the importance of the Finance and economic planning sector and is committed to achieving its goals, which include enhancing management of public resources, integration and safeguarding of county interests. The county will emphasize on the following key objectives which include:

  • Improve policy formulation and coordination and implementation.
  • Enhance monitoring and evaluation.
  • Enhance revenue collection.
  • Ensure timely preparation and approval of the county budget.
  • Ensure compliance with the budget cycles timeliness and milestone.
  • Establish the county specific economic status.
  • Conduct demand driven specialized sector specific duties.
  • Provide basis for evidence-based planning and budgeting.
  • Interlink planning budget expenditure management and control, accounting, auditing, and reporting.
  • Carry out quarterly annual monitoring and evaluation exercise.
  • Align sector policies to county mandate.
  • Ensure projects are completed on time and communities derive intended utility.
  • Reduction of debt levels to sustainable level.
  • Increment in capital financing for capital projects through Public Private Partnership (PPP).
  • Improving economic planning coordination.
  • Improving research and development in the county.
  • Poverty alleviation and enhancing attainment of the rights of the marginalized and minorities.
  • Development audit for increased productivity and better service delivery.

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