The sector comprises of the following sub-sectors: Finance, revenue, Economic Planning and County Affairs. His Excellency the Governor strategically organised this sector to play a critical role in policy formulation, institutional framework and development of projects and programmes for the County.

The sector is huge and is responsible for managing the financial resources, management of urban services and coordinating economic planning through resource mobilization and development strategies as well ensuring prudent monitoring of the county service departments.

In particular, it is responsible for medium term expenditure reviews, annual work planning, performance based monitoring and evaluation, development of sectoral plans, budgeting, collection of revenue and allocation, fiscal policy formulation and county operations and administration functions among others.


A leading sector in the overall legislation, public policy formulation, coordination, supervision and prudent resource (Physical, Financial & Human) management.


To effectively provide overall leadership and policy direction in the county resource mobilization, management and accountability for rapid, results-based and sustainable development across the entire county.

The county recognizes the importance of the Finance and economic planning sector and is committed to achieving its goals, which include: enhancing management of public resources, integration and safeguarding of county interests. The county will emphasize on the following key objectives which include: Improve policy formulation, coordination and implementation; Enhance monitoring and evaluation;

Poverty alleviation, enhancing attainment of the rights of the marginalised and minorities, Enhancing human resource management; development audit for increased productivity and better service delivery.

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