The sector is made up of the following sub-sectors namely: Gender, Social Services and Sports.


To be a leading service sector in the provision of efficient, effective, sustainable and equitable socio-cultural and economic empowerment to the residents of Garissa County.


To formulate, mainstream and implement responsive policies geared towards raising standards of living of children and vulnerable groups through socio-economic development, provision of quality services, effective coordination and monitoring.

On culture and recreation, stakeholders are in the process of identifying and developing suitable sites which are also expected to attract tourists. It has been proposed that there be establishment of recreation centres in different parts of the county.

Effort will be made to improve the participation of women in decision making. All committees in the district will include at least 30 per cent women representation. Education of the girl child in all levels will be emphasised. Efforts will also be made to involve men in issues affecting the welfare of children and women. The rights of children will be upheld. Orphans and vulnerable children will be given special attention through the implementation of cash transfer programmes environment, Forestry and tourism.

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