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H.E Ali Bunow Korane, is the 2nd Governor of Garissa County, having been elected to office in August 2017.

He served the government of Kenya little more than three decades and hold significant leadership positions fluctuating from 2nd Lieutenant Kenya Army, Commissioned and posted to 50 Air Cavalry battalion of the Kenya Army and trained as a Helicopter Pilot on the American MD 500 Tank Destroyer, later he joined Provincial Administration, then rose to become Permanent Secretary of Ministries such as Ministry of Tourism and Information, Ministry of Home Affairs, Heritage and Social Services, Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social services. Before he was elected Governor, H.E Korane was Special Envoy, Horn of Africa—a position appointed to him by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2010 so as to coordinate peace in the region.

A devote Muslim, H.E the Governor has deep interest in education and believes this is the only sure way of eradicating poverty and marginalization of his people.

A no-nonsense administrator with proven track record, the Governor has committed himself to revolutionize education in Garissa County, upgrade infrastructure – including roads and health institutions, and supply clean water to communities living across the expansive county.

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