The sector comprises of lands, Housing, and Physical Planning sub-sectors. The sector has been identified as a foundation for economic recovery by supporting the productive sectors in realizing their growth targets and hence poverty alleviation.


A leading provider of cost-effective physical infrastructure facilities, services and land management for sustainable development of Garissa County.


To provide efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructure and land resource for sustainable economic growth and development through construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of all infrastructure facilities and services across Garissa County.

The county will strive to improve the available infrastructure to ensure transport of agricultural products and enhance trade. The county recognizes poor and inadequate infrastructure as a big challenge in the fight against poverty and puts a lot of emphasis in providing the necessary infrastructural facilities to promote development.

The poor conditions of roads will be addressed by hopefully tarmacking the major roads and graveling feeder roads. The minor roads will be graded regularly to enable easy access in the county.

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