The sector comprises of the departments of Trade, Enterprise Development and Tourism.


A vibrant youth population, enabling environment for conducting business and platform for innovation towards sustainable and equitable socio-economic development solutions across the county.


To provide, promote, coordinate and implement integrated youth initiatives as well as socio-economic policies and programmes for a rapidly industrializing economy. The sector will also see the growth of a viable cooperatives sub sector, equitable distribution and sustainable management of land resources and sustainable management of forestry and wildlife resources.

The sector will endeavour to work closely with all stakeholders in identifying key investment opportunities with the aim of marketing the county to investors. Establishment of Small Medium Enterprises will play a key role in the provision of credit services.

Jua Kali sector will be strengthened to enable it achieve the envisaged growth in the plan. Cooperative development will be enhanced in order to help in the marketing of agricultural and livestock products such as mangoes, tomatoes, meat, milk, skins and hides among others.

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